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Summer 2021

Transforming over 20,000 League of Legends fans into lifelong fans, through bringing the dark and dangerous Undercity of Arcane to life in the real world.

A ticketed immersive experience. The audience pledged their allegiance to one of the four Chembaron factions fighting for control over the city, all playing a part in overthrowing the powerful warlord Silco through gamified interactions in the experience. 

Before arriving, audiences were able to create their character with a name, backstory and costume, which was integral to their participation and inclusion in the world. As they free-roamed around the world, their choices and actions had a direct consequence on the unfolding narrative in the experience.

The experience culminated in an emotionally charged, collective battle scene against Silco.


This is entertainment that understands we don’t just want to see our fantasy worlds come to life; we want to be in them


LA Times


It feels like it’s your story being told… the experience I had was unforgettable…. a once in a lifetime experience for Arcane fans


The Gamer

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