Secret Cinema presents Guardians of the Galaxy

London, UK | Autumn 2022

The World

Whether it was braving the perilous dangers on the lawless planet Knowhere or exploring the neon nightlife on Contraxia, an out-of-this-world experience was guaranteed for all.

A galaxy’s worth of adventure lay in store for thousands of mighty Ravagers who rose to the call. The biggest question: which Ravager clan would triumph in the most anticipated tournament in the galaxy, the Gathering of the Clans?

The Highlights

Clan of the Galaxy

Six clans battled in the Gathering of the Clan but only one could win! Were your team successful in competition and crowned Clan of the Galaxy?

The Neon Nightlife

Neon Lotus on Contraxia: the best night out in the galaxy! Inhabitants flocked to dance, sing and party the night away on this incredible planet.

Escape from Prison

Attempted bribery, clan betrayal and bad dancing. Anyone who committed these crimes would be marched to prison by the Nova Corps!

Saving Groot!

Audiences united to rescue Groot who had been kidnapped by The Collector. Thankfully, he was freed with the calls of “We are Groot!”

Audience Quotes

We stepped into the MCU and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy for a day. Assembled our crew and had an epic night out!


I was in the MCU! The most incredible time at Secret Cinema


The level of detail in there is so impressive. Loved it.


Get ready for the wildest ride in the galaxy.


I’m not kidding when I say it was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!


Press Quotes

The don of immersive events have teamed up with the superhero behemoth to create an experience like no other.


You’ll be completely in awe.


Has to be seen to be believed.

A sweaty, smokey thrill-ride across the film’s otherworldly terrains.

Charity Work

Partnering again with National Youth Art Trust, Secret Cinema audiences raised over £16,500 to help support the next generation of young people in careers in the arts. We were delighted to welcome a group of NYAT bursary students for a site tour with our creative director.

Community Work

Our Community Programme hosted a range of enrichment workshops for Brent Schools to develop skills in performing arts, STEM and the live events industry. These were delivered by Secret Cinema experts and in partnership with The Brit School, Met Film School, The LEGO Group and Raising Robots

Our specially adapted version of the main show was attended by over 350 Brent school pupils who embraced ravager dance-offs, trading terran treasures and stopping the Collector from getting his hands on the Ember’s of Genesis. We also welcomed participants from The Inclusion Project and Odyssey House School for an adventure off-world with our Community Manager and some of the ravager cast.

We continue to look for ways to open up our spaces in order to inspire and empower young people and community groups.


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