Secret Cinema presents Dirty Dancing

London, UK | Summer 2022

The World

Did you enroll in the class of 1963 at Kellerman’s Mountain House alongside Johnny and Baby for a summer like no other?

Audiences were transported to the tranquil mountaintop resort in the Catskills where they enjoyed a summer full of cha-cha classes, classic competitions and a cocktail or two in the sun…

The Highlights

The staff quarters

It was a hot summer at Kellerman’s! Things got steamy at the Staff Quarters as audiences were invited to join the staff for a forbidden after-dark dance.

Kellerman’s drama!

Robbie finally got his comeuppance in a public scuffle with Johnny, and Baby looked for someone to help her carry her watermelon. Did you help her?

The Kellerman’s Cup

Six families attended, but only one could win the Kellerman’s cup! Attendees competed in sports and dances to see their family triumph in a nail-biting finale.

Let’s dance!

Dancing was on the menu every night! From Vince’s dance classes to taking part in a thrilling flashmob to even getting a one-to-one lesson from Johnny.

Audience Quotes

What an amazing experience, absolutely loved our evening!!


Fabulous night, thank you! Staff quarters was the high.


It was fantastic! It really felt like we were at Kellerman’s!


I can’t cope, I wanna do it all again!


It was an amazing experience, I felt like I was truly on holiday!!


Press Quotes

I had the time of my life.

The screaming, the laughter, the constant dancing – I’d never seen an audience reaction like it..

One big party, and everyone’s invited..

It’s a festival built around a movie.

Charity Work

Secret Cinema partnered with Hounslow’s Hogarth Charitable Trust and Youth Centre - a charity local to the event site. Over 3 weeks, Secret Cinema raised over £9300 to support safe and fun environments for young people in Hogarth’s community centre, and in their schools and holiday programme.

Community Work

Secret Cinema’s Community Outreach offered events to Ealing and Hounslow schools and community groups over our 3-week residency in Gunnersbury Park. This included:

  • workshops for 20 Performing Arts students
  • a site visit for Our Barn community
  • School visit with 90 primary school children
  • An over 50’s dance class with Secret Cinema’s choreographer
  • A family screening of the film Coco for local residents
  • Work shadowing for four 18 – 25 year olds during live shows
  • A specially adapted immersive experience for over 300 pupils from local schools


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