London | Spring 2018

The World

The dystopian neon-lit streets of Los Angeles were brought to life, audiences brushed shoulders with replicants and humans alike and plenty of secrets were uncovered along the way…

Audiences were transported to futuristic Los Angeles, a city on the brink of destruction. From a bustling Eastern market filled with countless curiosities to the whiskey-fuelled Snake Pit Bar, acid rain storms plagued the neon skyline and all inhabitants who roamed below.

The Highlights

Rain soaked streets

There's no escpaing the rain soaked Los Angeles Chinatown? Did you dance in the rain, brush past Deskard, or just sit and eat noodles?

Chew's Eyeworks

Were you in the market for the latest Rep-tech? Hannibal Chew was available to talk you through his latest work.

The raid

The Snake Pit, one of the most notorious bars in Los Angeles, was subjected to a surprise raid by detectives in search of outlaw Replicants performing there. Did you manage to escape?


As ever, the LAPD were on a relentless crackdown of rogue Replicants, stopping random passers-by they suspected of not being quite human enough. Did you pass the test?

Audience Quotes

Best night of my life... It was all so brilliant.


The moment you stepped into this world, you stepped out of reality and straight into the film.


It was terrifying and magical and completely wonderful.


A message for those that did not get a chance to attend: I have seen things you people wouldn't believe...


Press Quotes

Closest you’ll ever get to living the movie… 10/10

Exciting, evocative and loaded with detail

A dream-come-true experience

Real life quickly begins to pale in comparison

Absolutely perfect

Charity Work

Taking the dystopian setting of Blade Runner as a cautionary example we partnered with two ecological charities: World Land Trust and Trees for Cities. Together over £20,000 was raised, of which £10,000 will support the planting of a new fruit orchard in Newham.

Over £20,000 raised

Community Work

Secret Cinema launched a new type of community centre for residents and young people living near the venue. More than 50 workshops, courses, events and employment roles were created for over 1,000 local people with members of Secret Cinema’s production and creative team.

The company partnered with the V&A, Royal Institution, Royal Observatory, Royal Astronomical Society and Arup to create an ambitious education programme inspired by the world of Blade Runner. This utilised the infrastructure and resources of the main production.


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