Secret Cinema presents Arcane

Los Angeles | Winter 2021

The World

In 2021, thousands were invited to explore the dark and dangerous worlds of Arcane. Ready players? Let the games begin…

The mission was simple: become a citizen of Zaun, brush shoulders with legendary champions and play a part in overthrowing the dastardly big baddie, Silco. Were you part of the uprising?

The Highlights

Pick your side

Players were recruited for one of two secret missions. Half were tasked with delivering messages by corrupt Enforcers while half reported any suspicious activity from Zaun.

Enter the game

Players found themselves in a multisensory experience. An innovative light display paired with cutting-edge projections transported them into another world…

Explore Zaun… IRL

For the first time ever, audiences could step into the real world of Zaun! They traded in the black market, planned a mutiny at The Last Drop and discovered secret underground tunnels to Piltover.

The end?

Players were faced with a dilemma which would lead to six different outcomes. Did you remain loyal to overthrowing the big baddie Silco or did you let greed cloud your judgement.

Audience Quotes

Anyone who loves sci-fi adventures and/or escape rooms will have an absolute blast




One of the most fun and unique experiences I have ever had


Press Quotes

It brings the world of Arcane League of Legends to life

Secret Cinema have built a love letter to the show

No Proscenium

You HAVE to go visit Secret Cinema’s fully immersive event”

Arcane lovers won’t be disappointed


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