We bring stories to life

Ever wished you could step into the world of iconic film and TV?

We transport you into these stories in real life.

Original creators

Working in tandem with the film studios, we recreate the worlds you see on screen - down to the last detail.

New stories

We take the story further than it’s ever been before, with brand new storylines and an outstanding cast of actors.

Play your part

We open up the world for you to explore. Step into the story and become part of the action with our immersive missions.

You’ve watched a million movies, now live one.

Secret Cinema is about so much more than just watching a movie. It’s about being it.

Each of our productions is fully interactive, packed with exciting missions to complete and deep secrets to uncover. There’s no fixed path, but a million different stories to follow.

No two adventures are ever the same.


All our productions are exclusively created with the film studios themselves.

Next level

We don’t just retell the classics - we create brand new plots for you to be part of.


No two nights are the same, with infinite stories overlapping one another.


After 15 years and over 50 shows, no other experience comes close.


Our epic worlds can hold up to 1500 explorers at once.


There are secrets hidden everywhere. What will you discover?

From pioneers to perfection

From secret screenings in abandoned warehouses to recreating the biggest and best moments in cinema. After 15 years and 50 productions, the apprentices are now the masters. Take a look through our history to get a taste of the stories we’ve told before.

Past Worlds

Our Partners

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